4 More Things you can do With Your iPhone’s Home Button

Every iPhone user knows that if you click the home button once, you’ll end up on the home screen. If you double-click it, then you’ll see the multitasking bar emerge at the bottom of the display. But what will happen if you triple-click the Home key?

Well, you’ll just end up back at the home screen or, if you’re already on the home screen, then the multitasking bar plays a short game of peek-a-boo. But by flipping a switch in the Settings menu, you get to choose between four new functions that can be activated be triple-clicking the home key.

Tap Settings, General, Accessibility and scroll down to “Triple-click Home”. Probably, it’s set to “Off”. Go ahead and tap it. Now you’ll see 4 actions that your iPhone can perform when you triple-click the Home key.

  1. VoiceOver: If you select this option, your iPhone will switch to a mode where it reads web pages, email and navigation labels on the touch screen out loud. This is perfect for users with weak vision.
  2. White on Black: Select this mode and your iPhone reverses the colors on the screen. This results in a display where white text is shown on a black background for text messages, email and most web pages. You also get to enjoy a cool white-on-black home screen.
  3.  Zoom: This option turns on the Zoom function so that you can easily magnify the display with a three-finger tap.
  4. Assistive Touch: By selecting this option you can activate a mode that allows you to pinch, swipe the display and even shake the phone without actually having to pinch, swipe or shake. You just have to tap these options on the screen to activate them.

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