5 Games you might be playing on the PS4 and Xbox 720

1. Star Wars 1313

Prior to its official E3 2012 unveiling, this game is creating plenty of buzz. It has not yet received a console platform or even a release date. Based on the dark and seedy underworld of Coruscant, gameplay footage looks amazing, with detailed visuals to impressive motion capture. But both Microsoft and Sony are still saying nothing about this game.

2. Whore of the Orient

TeamBondi looks set to release the innovative motion capture based cop drama. This game is expected to launch on the PC and next generation consoles. The game description shows that this amazing game will be based on Shanghai in 1936, where a group of Western cops is trying to reinstate order to the most decadent and corrupt city on the planet.

3. Destiny

The planned series of sci-fantasy action shooter games was given an autumn 2013 release date for the Xbox 360 and planned to launch on Microsoft’s next gen console. Bungie has introduced a great range of t-shirts on its online store featuring the Destiny registered logo which adds further weight to the release.

4. Watch Dogs

This GTA style game includes hacking into criminal records and phones. Ubisoft, the publisher of Watch Dogs has confirmed that the game will be launched on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. But it was shown off using the Microsoft’s innovative SmartGlass tablet, so it might also make an appearance on the next Xbox.

5. Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes

To mark the 25th anniversary of the iconic stealth game, Hideo Kojima unveiled 14 minutes of stunning gameplay footage at PAX 2012. The game has been confirmed for the PS3 and Xbox 360 with nothing said about future generation consoles, but assessing from what was shown off in the video we couldn’t rule it out.


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