5 Things that can Surprise You About iPhone 5

After the release of Apple iPhone 5, it really surprises people that how the device, looking familiar to the previous version of iPhone is different. What if the external looks of the device are the same but internally you will feel hell a lot of difference. The new iPhone 5 can surprise you in many ways which are discussed below.

Talking about the weight of this phone, it is 20% lighter than the previous version of iPhone. Most of the iPhone weigh approximately the same but after using this you will feel the big difference. The device is lighter, but as far as thickness is concerned it is approximately the same.

Maps on iPhone 5 are the best graphics demo and it feels so real when you use Google Earth. The Google search terms are more refined in terms of street view, public transit directions and maps view. It is undeniably fun to play with.

Another shocking feature of this phone is that the A6 processor makes the device work faster. Also, the LTE is more than twice as fast as the broadband connection at your home. Both of these features, when combined give it a turbo boost.

Usually, Apple brings at least one or two changes from the previous versions of iPhone that attracts the people to buy. This year the design, speaker, cameras, data connection, screen and speed are the major difference brought in this device.

A new small connector in this device seems like an ideal opportunity for users who want their device to synchronize faster. Also, thunderbolt port has opened the door for the users to connect their device via USB and synchronize much faster than ever.


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