5 Things to Do before Selling Your Old iPad

If you’ve ordered a new iPad, you might be thinking what to do with your old one. One choice, obviously, is to keep it, perhaps passing it along to a relative or friend. One more choice, though, is to sell that older device. However, you need to take care about certain points before you are going to give it to some friend or going to sale your old iPad.

  • Don’t even think about giving away your old iPad without first making a backup copy of its data and settings. You can back it up, using either iTunes or iCloud backup.
  • One thing to remember is that there are certain programs that an iPad backup file on iTunes or iCloud doesn’t include and needs to be re-downloaded includes
    music, movies, TV shows, and music videos. You need to manually transfer them to somewhere else.
  • As soon as you’ve backed up you’re your old iPad, you now need to wipe its memory completely. So that new owner couldn’t be able to poke through all your email, photos, contacts, and other personal information.
  • Next is to clean the screen with a soft, dry cloth but don’t use a damp cloth, or don’t you ever spray your iPad’s screen with glass cleaner.
  • Find the original box, sync cable, and charger. It’ll help sweeten the deal once you find a willing customer.

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  1. Emily Says:

    Great Post….I find these tips really helpful for buying my new ipad.