A Guide to Latest Dell Laptops Series 2011

When we are looking to buy a laptop, Dell is a name that definitely comes to our mind. Dell is synonym with quality and performance. Each year new models are being introduced that has made computing easier for us. Some of the latest laptop models offered by dell include Dell Inspiron, Dell XPS, Dell Alienware and dell Vostro – Small Business. There’s good news for those who worry about the price of these laptops, with Dell coupon code you can get huge discount on your order of laptops.

Dell Inspiron for Everyday Essentials:

If you are looking for buy a laptop for daily use, Dell Inspiron is the best option. It has been specially design for normal usage. It can handle daily tasks easily such as internet browsing, watching videos and many more. This is a very budget-friendly option which offers a solid performance, giving you swift and trouble-free access to your favorite photos, music and videos.


Dell XPS For Design And Performance:

Those who want to have a laptop or designing, Dell XPS is the one for those. This is an incredibly sleek laptop with just .97” of display screen. It weighs only 15 oz. which makes it very portable and lightweight. It comes with second generation of core 2 duo processor and amazingly powerful graphic cards. It can support up to 8 GB of memory. Its display is 50% brighter than any other display screen.

Dell Alienware For Gaming Enthusiasts:

Gaming enthusiasts have completely different requirements when it comes to buy a laptop. They need laptops with high performance. This brand is ruling the market and has become the top choice of gaming lovers. It has superior quality graphic card has high-performance processor. This laptop is very expensive but you don’t have to break a bank if you use laptop coupons.

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