All Time Greatest Romance Novels

Romance novels contain stories of passionate love described in a dramatic and inspiring way. Romance has an important place in our lives and most of the book readers love romance novels. Book readers all over the world enjoy reading to the stories of deep love since ages. Some of the greatest romance novels of all times are mentioned below that can give you so much excitement and thrill.

‘Outlander’ By Diana Gabaldon:

This is one of my favorite romance novels. The story revolves around an English nurse Claire Beauchamp Randall and husband Frank. In 1945, the couple set on a second honeymoon in the Scottish moorland. The wife Claire was roaming around a cleft stone at some abandoned areas when she was transported to 1743. She came across Frank’s evil ancestor. She nurses a young soldier James Fraser and fell in love with her and the rest of the novel is about their adventures and romance. At the end she gets a chance to return back to 1945.

‘Dream Man’ By Linda Howard:

This is a story of Detective Dane Hollister who is living a hard life. A serial killer who like to kill women in on the run and he comes across a psychic who wants to share her vision that she got from the killer’s eye. But both the psychic and killer are twisted. As both work together to solve the mystery of murder, this makes a steamy romance story. With the help of Books & Magazines Promo Code, you can buy many great novel, books and magazine at a reasonable price.

McKenzie’s Mountain’ By Linda Howard:

This great romance novel is about a school teacher named Mary. She just can’t let Joe Mackenzie to quit high school, so she goes to meet his father, Wolf. The father has been jail for raping a girl which he never committed. He refuses to start any relationship with the sweet lady because he doesn’t want to ruin Mary’s reputation. Then the actual rapist comes onto a scene and targeted people who are close to Joe and Wolf Mackenzie, making Mary in her hit list. At, you can save a lot with the help of tons of discount coupons.

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