Apple Officially Responds to Purple Flare Complaints

Soon after the release of iPhone 5, users began to complain about the purple flare that appears on the picture whenever it is pointed to bright light. The reason for the purple flare is said to be the reflection of light inside the camera.

This is said to be the third big complaint after the Apple has announced its new phone publicly. Apple in reply suggested that flare can appear on any of the iPhone device and not just iPhone 5. But Apple has given a solution to the problem that is not to point the camera directly at a bright light source. That is something known by every good photographer whether professional or amateur.

Apple’s posting stops short of a full apology, and doesn’t even directly admit to a problem in the iPhone 5 specifically. Instead, it discusses brightness problems in most small cameras. The company has not suggested any permanent solution to the problem rather it advocates reducing the problem.

The camera results can be improved by different ways. By moving the camera slightly away from the position at which bright light is entering the lens or protecting the lens with hands can remove the effect.


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