Best Halloween Books for Kids

No matter how old is your child, he must be interested in looking at pictures of scary ghosts, listening and reading stories keeping in view the big day coming. Halloween books will add excitement to your kid’s library and the whole month will be conquered by the ghosts, pumpkins and spooky stories. Some of the books that you should buy your kids for this Halloween are:

Here Comes Halloween: This book is suitable for your kindergarten age kid, which is not scary at all. It tells the story of woodland friends who are trying to find what to wear for Halloween. It is an absolute delight and fun filled book with lift up flaps revealing where each animal lives in the forest.

Too Many Pumpkins: In this book the story of a woman who hates pumpkin is described but despite her efforts she could not stop growing crop of pumpkin. It is a very interesting book with delightful Halloween pictures that will keep your child engaged.

Humbug Witch: It tells the story of a scary looking witch with a big nose, crooked teeth and stingy red hairs. Despite looking like a witch she could not do what witches do. The illustrations in this book are full of fun and humor and will add excitement to your kid’s interest.

A Tiger Called Thomas: This little book tells the story of little boy who moves into a new house on new street. He never risks facing people from the neighborhood because he thinks his neighbors don’t like him. But on the day of Halloween he was surprised to see how people recognize him despite being hidden behind tiger mask.

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