Best Places to Visit in April

Are you wondering what the best places to visit in April are? It may sound odd, but it isn’t the best time for romantic holidays. Even then, it’s one of the busiest months for tourists. Most of the people are on holidays, hotel prices are higher and most destinations are crowded. Here are some places that you must visit to spend your summer holidays.

The tropical islands of Maldives:

It’s a series of several thousand tiny islands which are full of natural beauty. If you are looking for a place with amazing beach life and lots of fun activities, the Maldives is a place for you. The coral island is delimited by amazing snorkeling, diving and which sandy beaches. There are lots of resorts which allow you to have a luxurious stay. The weather is bit hot during April and September due to the monsoon.

Big Island Hawaii:

Hawaii islands offer you everything you can wish for and even more. There are lots of things which separate it with other islands and Volcano National Park is one of them. There are many breathtaking scenes to view including watching as new lava seeps into the ocean and magnificent waterfalls. The Big Island Hawaii has got it all. You can never go wrong if you plan to visit it next month.

The Coachella Valley of California:

This valley is regarded as one of the hottest locations of the United States. You can see the effects of human progress here in the form of various wind turbines. When going deep into the valley, you’ll see vast deserts spreading to the edge of towns of Rancho Mirage, Cathedral City, Palm Desert and others. If you are worried about the cost of your hotel accommodation, Hotels.Com Coupons codes allow you to take advantage of amazing hotel deals.


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  1. David Bergman Says:

    Its the time to roam and enjoy, its the time of spring… adventure and fun.. have a great April :)