Buying Guide for Fragrance

How does it feels when you are out in scorching summers and a bad odor is coming out of your body. Surely everybody will keep a distance and avoid coming nearer to you. But if you have put a sensual and appealing perfume on your clothes, you may enjoy people asking you which cologne you are wearing. This makes you much happier and surely will motivate you to buy more fragrances. If you don’t have any idea of perfumes, here are some tips in order to know what type of fragrance you need.

Woody: Woody perfumes can recall the sensory experience of forest or green meadows. It combines well with amber fragrances and vanilla to give mossy, fresh, warm and spicy feelings. Woody fragrances are popular among both men and women and are perfect for people who love the masculine fragrance.

Leather: The leather scents are very much popular among men and women but commonly used by men. These scents do not smell like a leather but they do have a deep and warm scent that refers to leather or suede. It comes from honey, cloves, tobacco and cedar and is often layered with citrus.

Aquatic: They are referred to as oceanic fragrances and are lighter than leather or woody scents. These scents are advertised and marketed as unisex perfumes and have a wide variety for fans that are youthful, energetic and muscular.

Floral: These perfumes are an illustration of romance, attraction and sensuality and are mostly for women. There are so many different types of floral fragrances from soft floral to bright floral with variations in them. Rose, lily, gardenia and jasmine scents are spices used to make these types of fragrances.

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