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Top 7 women’s Halloween Costumes 2016

Thursday, October 27th, 2016

Halloween is filled with scary things like ghosts, ghouls, witches, zombies and much more. Everyone wants to pick one character when he/she intends to think about Halloween costumes, if you’re the savvy type who prefers tricks to treats, you will opt for an inexpensive outfit this fall. Though, that does not mean that you can’t have the trendiest costume of the night! Check out these 15 low-cost options for costumes that are creative, creepy, or just plain cute.


The Solar System

Since galaxy print was a great fashion staple this past season, it’s seriously easy to find on sale right now. You can directly attach foam planets to this Solar system galaxy dress, and shoot for the stars!

Alex From A Clockwork Orange

With a bowler hat, a set of false lashes, and an all white outlay, you can easily dress as the dystopian antihero from Stanley Kubrick’s 1970s film.

Paper Doll

Turn a favorite childhood plaything into your costume this year by cutting clothing shapes out of sign board, leaving a few squared tabs along the sides. Simply tape the cutouts to your clothes and doll yourself up (pun intended) with girlie hair and makeup for a great costume!

Katy Perry Secret Wishes Candy Girl

Katy Perry Secret Wishes Candy Girl Costume is an incredibly super choice for the woman who wants to display the cutest appearance. This costume has a pink color all over its fabric, and some designs are painted on it for a more striking look. You can buy this one from Amazon online store and pick up the discount on your purchase instantly via discount deals.

Broken Doll

halloween party girls

This one is slightly scary with the black dress and frightening looks. If you want to make a scary look, then choose broken doll costume for your next event. This doll Includes; Black and white dress with footless tights and matching hairbow with printed crack marks. You can easily purchase it from Halloween Express and get a discount using their coupons.

The Lady Bug

Your friends will love this play on words! Attach dots to your clothes and add some “antennas” for a quirky look. Purchase this one if you are a teenager because this would better suits on girls when they have sweet expressions and skinny figure. If you are quite serious about this costumes, then purchase it from Walmart online store and apply Walmart coupon for extra discount.

Magical Unicorn

Decorate yourself out in your favorite glittery, sparkly clothing items and get a unicorn costume for the next event. You can find this one at Costume Craze online Store. This Unicorn Costume includes the dress with attached furry tail, the magical horn headpiece, and arm warmers with a furry hood accent. Purchase now and get instant discount on your order.

6 Most Terrifying Halloween Costumes 2016

Thursday, October 6th, 2016

Many people love dressing up as their preferred characters from movies, TV shows, books, and other stories on Halloween. Because of the scary nature of Halloween, many people also want to wear scary costumes for a holiday. Finding the creepiest costume can be a difficult task and with so many different characters from which to select. From famous movie villains to classic monsters, adults and children have quite a lot of options for creating the perfect costume. By estimating the top five scariest costumes, shoppers can put together an outfit that terrifies those around them on Halloween night. You can easily customize these classic costumes by gender exchanging the character, or by adding in Steampunk or Cosplay aspects.

Jason Voorhees

Jason Voorhees

Jason Voorhees from “Friday the 13th” considered as one of the scariest movie villains of all time. The machete-wielding killer costume is mainly made of a tattered work jacket, work pants, gray sweater, and black leather gloves. A bloody weapon is his weapon of the choice. The signature piece of this costume is a bloodstained hockey mask. You can find the best quality Jason Voorhees costume at the Spirit Halloween Coupons, get a discount on your purchase via Spirited Halloween and save additional dollars on your purchase.

Pennywise the Clown

Pennywise the Clown

Pennywise the red-white colored Clown Many people have a fear of friendly clowns, but the Pennywise Clown from Stephen King’s thrills the fear factor up a notch. This clown is consists of a clown uniform with the puffy collar along with the mask. Pennywise clown’s skin color is white, and it is contrasted with the red. Rather than having a happy face, this killer clown has scary dark eyes, sharp teeth, and a scowl. Official Costumes has some pieces of Pennywise Clown available at their store. Mostly this costume goes out of stock because of ever-increasing purchase. So get ready to buy one with the Official Costume Coupons and save extra bucks on your order.

Headless Man

Headless Man

A headless man is a scary and fun costume for both adults and children. Fabricated to look like the wearer is holding his own cut-off head, this costume features artifice shoulders and neck that sit on the wearer’s own shoulders. Wearers can add the fake blood to their neck and face for authenticity. Add a magnificent horse and turn a common headless man into the famous Headless Horseman. Costume Super Center has few pieces of Headless Man costume, so hurry up and finalize your purchase before it is too late. But before you finalize your order, take a look at the Costume Super Center Coupon Codes  to save some cash.

Skeleton Zombie

Skeleton Zombie

With the increasing popularity of the undead reappearance to life, dressing as a Skeleton Zombie is sure to scare the kids in the neighborhood. This costume including a simple dress on which realistic skeleton bones and ribs are designed. Wearers can make these costumes with old torn clothing covered in fake gore and blood. They can also wear masks or apply makeup to their faces to resemble rotting skin.  The exclusive Skeleton Zombie costume is just available at the Costume Kingdom online store. If you love to look like a zombie, then purchase one with Costume Kingdom discount code and get a discount on your purchase.


Leatherface is the scary villain from “Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” who makes masks with the skin of people he murdered as well as involves in cannibalism. The costume consists of a sewed mask with scrappy hair, a tie and button-up shirt, and an apron. You can also add Fake blood and a chainsaw to give a finishing touch to the costume.



Ghostface is another simple but scary costume that is definite to scare children of the 1990s. This ghostly thing first made his appearance in the movie named “Scream.” After that people really liked this character and wanted to make their look like it for a scary appearance. The costume features a long black hooded robe and black gloves, much like the Grim Reaper. It also has a white ghost mask with a long hollow mouth and round, dark eyes.

6 Things to Know About Halloween Costumes

Tuesday, September 27th, 2016


Growing from the ancient Celtic holiday of Samhain, modern-day Halloween has become less about literal ghosts and spirits and more about costumes and candy. Over the times the holiday transitioned from a dark pagan ritual to a day of merriment, costumes, exhibitions and sweet treats for children and adults. Children wear different clothes mostly relevant to Disney cartoons etc. while adults usually love to wear clothes related to their favorite movie characters. There are thousands of costumes available on the internet, whether you are search costumes for men or costumes for women you’ll get it without wasting your time.

Halloween has now become a multi-billion dollars event. From costumes to candy, here’s what America will spend for the scariest day of the year. Haven’t you achieved Halloween-costume exhaustion yet? Here in this article, we are going to discuss the most importance factors that should always keep in mind while purchasing one for your next event. We are going to share the unique full-fledged ideas with you, and hoping that you’ll understand the purpose of writing this article. These are the chosen six points mentioned below.

Uniqueness in Costume

Your costumes should be unique enough to inspire people around you. If you are selecting a movie character’s costume that most people decide to wear, it won’t work for you at all. Try to think different and choose a unique dress for this Halloween. If you are not getting what you need or don’t have an idea about unique costumes, then I must suggest you visit Halloween Express online store. Here at this website, you’ll get what you need. Thousands of new latest costumes are waiting for you there at this store. You can even take benefit from Halloween Express coupons and deals to save extra dollars on your order.

According to the Trend

kid halloween










Now this point is quite an important one, isn’t it? Obviously, if you are not wearing costumes according to the latest trend you’ll not be able to make your Halloween memorable. You have to pick up the costume that is unique as well as according to the most recent trend. Get to the Spirit Halloween and find the perfect one for their trendy costumes collection. Take a moment, see the latest Spirit Halloween discount offers at the top of the page or find the most recent Spirit Halloween deals at websites like EZcouponSearch and similar other.





Scary Enough




Halloween means the night about ghosts and goblins, witches with a broom, pumpkins, and spider webs – It is that time of year again. If you are not wearing a costume that refers to the offensive category, you’re not going according to the Halloween traditions. Make your appearance scary enough to show that you are just dressed up for the Halloween night. Go for Official Costumes and add the best costume for this Halloween. Never forget to take advantage of Official Costumes discount deals.





Should be Attention-Grabbing




Apart from everything, you have to pick up the dress that looks attractive as well as trendy, if you are wearing a costume that actually creates a center of attention you’ll definitely get into noticed in the party. Go and get the perfect one from Costume Super Center collection and make an eye-catching appearance with the Costume Kingdom discounted costume.

Should be Comfortable

This could be the very different but a hidden point that you should take into account while buying a costume for Halloween. Mostly costume that looks picture-perfect doesn’t feel good when you are wearing it. Most of Halloween costumes are just made for outer luxury; you can’t feel the inner stuff until you wear it. Before you buy your costumes make sure it is unique, attention-grabbing, trendy, scary enough and comfortable as well.

kids halloween

Finishing Touch with Accessories

Almost every Halloween costume has some separate accessories along with it. These accessories increase the worth of that costume. For instance, if you choose a black witch costume you need a broom with it  – In the same way, if you are wearing an angel costume you have to wear out white wings and a halo because except these accessories you can’t give your costume a finishing touch. Now you have identified the significance of costume accessories. I would suggest you to buy your required costume accessories from Party City online store because you can easily get a discount on your order through Party City coupon codes and discount deals.