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Jewelry Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

If you are looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one, you can’t go wrong with jewelry! It is a timeless gift that last forever and chances are, you won’t get her something she already has. Even if she already has necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc, most girls feel like they can’t have enough and there are so many looks and styles out there to choose from that you are sure to find something that is unique, different than what she already has, and perfect for her. Read on for a few ideas of some of the most popular jewelry Valentine’s Day gifts.

Valentines Day Jewelry Gifts

Charm Bracelets

Charm bracelets never go out of style. Whether white gold, yellow gold, or silver, a pretty link style chain with a meaningful charm will just warm her heart. And we mean meaningful when it comes to the charm. Perhaps you could get a charm that will remind her of where you met, your first date, a vacation you went on, a secret joke you have with each other, or something that is special to both of you. And the bonus of giving her a charm bracelet…it will be a while before you need to come up with new Valentine’s gift ideas because you can give her a new charm to add to her bracelet every year!


Of course you will need to make sure that your special lady has pierced ears before shopping for Valentine’s gift earrings. If you do decide to go the rout of earrings, we like simple dangly earrings for Valentine’s Day that can dress up any outfit. We recommend earrings that are about an inch long or less if this is your first time giving her earrings so you can be sure they are not too heavy for her ears.


The days of giving a ring to a girl only if you are super serious about her (think promise rings and engagement rings) are gone as fashion rings are all the new rage. Right-hand rings and fashion rings come in many styles and can be worn on any finger; there are even thumb rings to help her hands dazzle. Gemstone cocktail rings in a gem of her favorite color or her birthstone would be a perfect choice.

Pandora Bracelets and Charms and More (Oh my!)

No, not Pandora radio, although a subscription to that could be a cool Valentine’s Day gift for the music lover. We’re talking about Pandora jewelry. Pandora can be fancy in gold or silver or more casual in leather (bracelets). You can get Pandora bracelets, necklaces, and even earrings. Pandora bracelets can come prearranged with a full set of charms or you can give a bracelet and a charm or two and enjoy the ease of getting a new Pandora charm for her every Valentine’s Day.


A pearl necklace is a timeless gift than can be worn with a fancy, formal outfit, or to simply dress up a casual outfit. A strand of pretty white pearls is a classic gift but if your love prefers to be a bit different you can find black pearls, grey pearls, and even blue pearls. Of course, you can also go the way of a pearl bracelet or pearl earrings to match a pearl necklace if she already has one.

Vintage Jewelry

Sometimes the best gifts are not brand new, but brand new to your lady instead. Vintage jewelry can be found at some regular jewelry stores but you can also find it at thrift stores, antique stores, and estate sales.

Heart Pendants and More

What says Happy Valentine’s Day better than heart pendants necklaces, bracelets, and heart earrings? Hearts are everywhere this time of year so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the perfect heart jewelry for the love of your life. Kay Jewelers is known for their Open Hearts collection that has Jane Seymour’s famous open hearts design on everything from necklaces to rings.

Promise Rings

If you KNOW that your girlfriend if the love of your life, your one and only, THE one and you want to let her know that a perfect way to show it is with a Promise Ring. Promise rings are work on the left hand ring finger just as an engagement ring would be and they can be as simple or as fancy as you’d like them to be. We like the idea of a heart ring for a Promise Ring.

Ladies, tell us!!! What is the best gift of jewelry that you have ever received for Valentine’s Day?

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5 Affordable Jewelry Essentials for Women

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

Jewelry takes people’s mind off your wrinkles” was said by Sonja Hennie, a film star, figure skater and three time Olympic champion. Jewelry can indeed help you out in getting more charming, attractive and stylish. Every woman must have some basics pieces of jewelry to wear while going to the party, meeting or attending a friend’s marriage. It adds up the beauty of your dress as well as your face, hands and ears. When the word jewelry comes to our mind, we think of paying huge amount because of its expensiveness, but HSN Coupons disagrees with this popular belief.

Here are 5 most important jewelry items that are not too expensive and can add beauty.

Bracelets and Bangles are most popular jewelry item among women. It is so easy to express your style when you have plenty of them to mix up. An arm full of bangles and bracelets can make anyone’s attention diverted to you. You can go for sleek bracelet with a white or black dial for simple elegance. If you like to add shine and sparkle you can go for watches with gems and pearls on them.

A Watch with a classic steel bracelet for office or everyday use can enhance your fashion statement. Fashion Earrings are among the most flattering jewelry item that adds beauty to your face. With various types of earrings from simple to sparkling gems and stones, you can brighten up your face. There are so many jewelry items available in stores that can blow your mind away.

Fashion rings can also flatter your looks and showcase your personality. Some ring styles look best on different fingers. You must put on and try before buying ring to know whether it looks good or not. It can give extra edge to any outfit and enhance your looks. Use Super Jeweler Promo Code for dollar off prices.

One of the most fabulous fashion accessories is the necklace. Depending on what style and design you prefer, you can go for simple string necklace or necklace with beads and gems. Get your vanity box filled with these fashion jewelries and present something new in your personality.

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The Stunning Appeal of Engagement Rings

Friday, March 16th, 2012

Engagement is the most special events in the women’s life. One thing that creates an engagement special is undoubtedly the engagement ring. If you are getting engaged this season and wish to win the heart of your love, you must go for stylish engagement ring.  This season Stackable Rings, Cushion-Cut Diamonds and Shaded Halos are in trend for engagement rings. Jewelry particularly those with valuable stones and diamonds are pretty expensive. However, shopping online can give you huge discounts on your orders.

Though round diamonds have continuously been very famous but freshly cushion-cut diamonds are similarly emerging in fame. The exceptional features are the round or square shape for these diamonds with large facades and round corners. These features upturn its smartness. Other shapes in diamond rings that are getting popular are oval, glowing and princess. Overstock.Com Promo Code lets you to get these superb engagement rings at affordable prices.

The diamond might be a costly thing for a lot but luckily there are inexpensive choices available like stackable rings. If you wish to show your matchless style, try for thin, mix-and-match stackable rings. You can blend black rhodium with yellow gold or white gold with rose gold. There are such an extensive diversity of stackable rings that you can surely find one for your fiancé.  You can likewise choose other birthstones or gemstones.

Halos have all the time been very famous and even further so in the previous few years. The newest trend is the use of shaded stones as your halo. This is the hottest trend that is rising in popularity. The most outstanding feature for this is that you can use a variation of colors and don’t need to stick with single color. They are offered at very inexpensive prices with Promo Code facility and you don’t have to break the bank to buy them.


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Shop Online for Hand Crafted Jewelry Gifts

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

If you are planning to buy a gift for someone special, then jewelry is the best choice. Giving a unique gift is the best way to fill her heart with pleasure. UNICEF Market is offering wide variety of stylish and trendy handcrafted jewelry. We always look for gifts that are unique and a handcrafted jewelry is truly a unique gift. From handcrafted bracelets to handcrafted pendants and necklace, you can buy them at discounted price with UNICEF Market gifts coupons.

Stylish Handcrafted Necklaces and Pendants:

A necklace can be a perfect gift for a woman on any occasion. Whether it’s a birthday or New Year, you can gift her beautiful handcrafted necklace. It can fill her heart with immense pleasure. UNICEF Market is offering unique necklaces such as Amethyst and Peridot Serenity Necklace, Amor Love Necklace and Balance Pendant. With UNICEF Market hand crafted jewelry gifts coupons you can buy these amazing looking necklaces and pendants for less.

Remarkable Handcrafted Bracelets:

Bracelets beautify your wrists. If you want people to look at your wrists, wearing a bracelet is the best option. They are made different metals such as gold, silver, bronze which give you a variety of options to choose form. Bracelets made of precious and semi precious stones are also getting very popular. Armicitia Peace Bracelet, Bali Beaded Bracelet, Beaded Ecstasy Coil Bracelet can be purchased at discounted price with UNICEF Market Promo Code.

Handcrafted Earrings and Rings:

Earrings and rings can make your hand and ears look more beautiful and attractive. No matter what are kind of earrings and rings you are buying, it should compliment your dress. UNICEF Market is offering wide variety of handcrafted rings and earrings such as Anna’s Earrings, Blue Ridge Romance Earrings, magine Peace Ring and Pearl Leaf Ring. Online coupon search allows you to buy these beautiful rings and earrings at affordable price.

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