Cheap and Scary Halloween Decorating Ideas

Halloween is just on the way and everybody including children and adults are trying to find cheap ideas for decorating their homes. But the thing that troubles everybody is spending within limits of their budget and getting the most out of it. You can easily make your own Halloween decorations using things that you already have or can be purchased at a local store at low price. Here are some of the ideas that can help you in decorating your home in cheaper way.

Hidden Body: If you want to scare your friends and children on this day, decorate your lawn with a body. Purchase a long sleeved shirt and pair of jeans with leaves or pillow stuffing to make it look like someone is wearing the clothes. Pin gloves and shoes to the shirt and pants and place the body outside the yard.

Graveyard: It is very simple and easy to make a graveyard. You just need a piece of poster board or craft foam and cut it in square or rectangular shape. You can also place a cross over the top of it by cutting a piece of cardboard and write RIP with a glittering paint. If you want to make it creepier you can cut bone shapes out of white poster board.

Bats: Your doorway would look incomplete if you have not decorated it with bats. It is very easy to make the bats with a piece of black poster board and cut it in the shape of bats. The bats can be hung from the ceiling using strings and tapes.

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