Christmas Party Game Ideas

Christmas party is the best time to have fun with friends and family, enjoy delicious food and exchange gifts with each other. The best way to make your Christmas party a big hit is by arranging some fun Christmas party games that everyone can enjoy. Mentioned below are some fun game ideas for your next Christmas party.

Figure Out the Gift

Ask every guest to write down one Christmas gift on a piece of paper, and put all of the papers in a box. After that choose one person randomly from the guests, and tell them to select a partner. The person chosen by you will pick a piece of paper from the box and act out what the gift is. The other person will guess the gift. The team to guess the fastest will win.

Guess That Christmas Movie

A major discussion that will definitely come up in a Christmas party is the huge number of Christmas movies that you can watch during the holiday season. By playing “Guess that Christmas Movie” you can test your guests’ knowledge about Christmas movies. Play a 10 second audio or show a 10 second section of a movie and all the guests have to guess it. Another way of playing this game is by making groups among the guests.

Get Rid Of the Santa

Make a small Santa on a card or cut an image of Santa from a Christmas card. Put double stick tape or a masking tape to the back side of the Santa. In order to start the game you have to greet a guest by patting him or her on the back and attaching the image. When they find out about it, they have to remove it and secretly attach it to another guest. If it’s your turn then make sure you attach it to a guest who hasn’t had it before.


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