Christmas Party Games

Everyone has some sort of Christmas celebrations. If you are planning to throw a Christmas party then it must have something special that makes it one party to remember for a long time. Christmas party games are part of most of the Christmas parties. It’s a great way to provide guests with some fun and amusement. But the party games must be interesting to hold people’s interest. Here are some Christmas party games that go well with the spirit of the occasion.

Passing the Christmas Parcel:

It has been a very popular party game for long time. You can bring about some changes to make it more appropriate for the occasion. The parcel should be fit for Christmas, like a little Santa doll or a gift box, which the winner will get when the game is over. Instead of the regular music, play Christmas songs. Now, when the music stops, someone is caught with the parcel. Instead of ousting him or her from the game, ask him of her to come to the center of the circle and ask a Christmas trivia question. If the answer is correct, let him or her rejoin the game, and in case of incorrect answer they are out of the game.

Christmas Treasure Hunt:

This game is real fun for both kids and adults alike, and it’s more fun if you have a big house. The treasure must consist of Christmas articles such as little Santa, etc. and hide them in different places of your house. Make a list of the things and divide the participants into two groups and give them the list. The team that brings in the greatest number of items is the winner. You can add clues to make the game easier and more amusing.

These games can certainly make your Christmas party a big hit. You need to buy a lot of things to play these games. By logging in to, you can view hottest Christmas Coupons that can make your buying very affordable.


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