Compact and Handy Mini Laptops

Nowadays, people prefer mini laptops over desktops because of its portability and affordability. Mini laptops are much smaller than normal size laptops, more portable and occupy a little space as compared to desktops. With desktop PCs, you have to buy CPU and monitor separately, but this is not the case with laptops. Mini laptops are smaller than ordinary laptops which is the reason of its popularity. If you want to buy the best mini laptop for price, go for mini laptops with Best Buy. They will be more affordable when you use Best Buy Promo Code offered online.

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They are most popular among college students and high school students. I’m a college student, so I need a laptop for my studies. After a long and hard search, I came across and find that this is the best one for me. Some people want fast processing speed; but for me, the 1.6 GHz Atom processor is good enough. Other specs of my mini laptop are 1 GB DDR 2 memory, 16 GB SSD card, 8.9 inch LED display screen, Wi-Fi and Intel GMA950 graphic card.

Mini laptops are not as powerful as some of the laptops and have lesser processing speed. The processor used in my mini laptop is Intel Atom N270 which is an excellent choice for mini laptops. It is energy efficient but can process a considerable amount of data. Its price is very affordable, but I got it at discounted price with the comfort of shopping online.

Its 1 GB memory ensures that I have no problem in performing my routine work such as checking emails, internet research, watching movies and videos, listening to videos, preparing assignment and other small activities. I’m very satisfied with the performance of my mini laptops and you can also purchase it with Promo Code offered online at a reasonable price.

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