E-Book Reader Buying Guide

E-book readers have been around for a number of years and have able to draw a large number of people’s attention. Early e-book readers released in 1990s were lagging in high quality LCD display and poor battery life. But as the technology has advanced, new and improved versions of e-book readers are available to people. Carrying heavy books was much difficult for people in early days but now with the e-book reader it has become easier to read and carry books. E-book reader is portable and equipped with features that do not exist in paper books.


One of the most important things to consider when buying e-book reader is the size of the screen and display. Nowadays most of the e-readers use either E-Ink or an LCD. The difference is that LCD screen displays just like our computer screens with color display whereas E ink does not display in color. Downside of LCD screen is that it is difficult to read in sunlight.

Consider the battery life of an e-reader. If you want to spend lot of time reading books, it is important for you to look for battery that is durable and can last longer. Normally a good e-reader can last longer for 2 weeks. Smaller screen size is lighter and consumes less power but fonts may be small.

Choose a book reader that has WI-FI or wireless data capabilities. If you are constantly traveling and away from your personal computer you get an ease of access to the internet and download various books while away from home. Also make sure that the storage a capacity of the e-book reader is sufficient for your needs.

E-book reader can be found in many online electronic stores. You can also save money by using Promo Code and get the best deals and discounts.


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