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The latest trend in televisions is towards smaller profiles, bigger screens and interactive features which mean hundreds of new viewing options. The smart TVs of 2011 are offering the wide range of options to viewers. The classy designed TVs are in range and manufacturers are trying to products televisions that are very slim and can be placed on the wall as discretely as a picture. You can get free shipping on a wide range of smart TVs with Best Buy promo code. There are various features to look for in smart TV which is discussed below:

What should be the screen resolution?

Normally screen resolution is either 720p or 1080p. More pixels mean better picture quality. 1080pixel offers double the resolution of that of 720pixel displays. The later one is definitely cheaper of the two. So, if you want to save money, go for 720p and if you want a better picture quality go for 1080p. If you want to get most of the HD broadcast, 1080p is pretty much the standard.

Internet Ready TV:

Nowadays, most of the high-end HDTV’s are internet ready. This means that you can access a lot of web-based content such as weather reports, news channels, online video services, sports reports and internet radio. The internet-ready feature is the essence of smart TVs. You can conveniently search content across your TV and with the android phone you can remotely access it.

LCD, LED or Plasma?

In LCD displays, the crystal in liquid crystal display gives the color. It has a problem in displaying black color and as well as achieving completely uniform brightness. This means that there will be some hotspots on screen. LED TVs employ a large number of light emitting diodes to provide the light. They achieve uniform brightness and there is no problem in displaying the black color. With Best Buy promotional coupons 2011, you can buy wide array of smart TVs at the affordable price.


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