Golf Clubs Buying Guide 2012

Golf is a wonderful but demanding game, and if you are ready to make the effort than give yourself every advantage. While buying golf clubs there are two schools of thought. You can buy an inexpensive golf set and then blame your clubs whenever you miss or you can buy an expensive set and look good while you miss. Just kidding! The right clubs are very important to play this beautiful game.

If you are looking to buy golf clubs then these tips may help you in choosing the right ones for yourself.

  • First of all, before buying, you should experiment a little with different clubs by renting or borrowing a set from a reputable golf store.
  • Make sure you find the accurate shaft length. This is very important because it affects the feel of the club, but most people will fit an off the shelf club.
  • You should know about different clubs and how they are sold. Irons are sold in sets because it is important that they match. They usually consist of 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 irons and also a pitching wedge. Woods are sold both individually and in sets. It’s not necessary for woods to match. Some beginners buy only a 3 wood set instead of a full one.
  • You should choose a putter based on what feels fine to you. Make sure you don’t spend too much on it and buy a reasonable one.
  • It is important to know the differences in club designs. Most of the new clubs have a larger hitting area to reduce the chances of a wrong shot. But specialists prefer bladed clubs, which require great precision but delivers more power.
  • You should not buy expensive clubs until your game has developed. Ultimately, your own preference and style of play will determine the clubs you want to have.

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