Great Easter Home Decorations

Each and everything about Easter, the yellows, blues and soft pinks reminds me of spring. The sunshine is refreshing which seems to mellow the colors of everything. The whole atmosphere is so energizing that I never feel so fresh at any other time of the year. Now, it’s a time to start decorating my home for Easter party and here are a few ideas.

Paper Easter Eggs:

Easter decorations are incomplete without Easter eggs. Choose yellow, pink or blue crepe paper to wrap up plastic Easter eggs. Twist the crepe paper from the end and tie them with colorful gift baskets wrapping ribbons. Place your crepe paper eggs on a bed of spinach, lettuce, cabbage lettuce and other similar multicolored leaves. This is a simple yet great Easter home decorating idea for front lawn, garden or patio.

Easter Logs Egg Centerpiece:

You can use the imitations logs used for the bottom of aquariums to make an Easter egg centerpiece. Place some Easter eggs on coupons of logs and used them as a centerpiece. This is very attractive and nice way to decorate your home for Easter. By adding some small pink assortment to this plain decoration can give a striking look to your decorations.

Easter Table Glasses:

By using colorful silk ribbon and tie them around the bottom of wineglasses, can give them heavenly look. Then use flowers or butterfly window stickers to further embellish your wineglasses. You can use this simple decorations idea in embellishing windowpanes of your home.

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