Great Valentines Day Games

Valentine’s Day party without games is like a pizza without cheese! So on this Valentine’s Day, stack your party with fun Valentine’s Day games and have a great time with your friends. Party games provide entertainment and amusement to guests. Here are some interesting party games that you might want to include in your Valentine’s Day party.

Chin Pass:

This game is a real fun to play, create groups of guests of five or six. Each group sits in a circle and a small heart shaped pillow is to be passed from one player to the other person in a group. Players can’t use their hands while passing the pillow; they can only hold it in between their chin and chest. In case, someone drops pillow, then it has to be picked up again without employing hands and the game will start again. The group that passes the pillow from first member to the last member wins.

Tie the Ribbons:

Before the start of Valentine’s party, cut small pieces of ribbons and hide them all over the party hall. During the party, all couples have to find these small ribbons and tie them up to make a chain. The couple who is able to make the longest chain at the end of the game wins.

Guess How Many:

For this game, fill a glass jar with candies and ask your visitors to guess the number of candies in it. Count the number of candies in each jar, before the start of the game. You can also play with other treats such as chocolates, etc. Present the jar of candies or chocolates to the winner.

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