Halloween Game Ideas for All Ages

Halloween is the time when adults and children enjoy being scared and playing tricks. Hosting a party turns out to be more fun when you arrange games for the guests both for children and adults. These games require a little prep work, but can be a rewarding time. With a little planning you can make the party memorable for the years coming and make your guests feel entertaining and fun seeking. Here are few games that will make your party entertaining and give your guests a good and pleasurable time.

Mystery Guest

An extra person is invited to the party in costume. The rest of the guests have to figure out the identity of the mystery guest. To be entirely effective the mystery guest needs to be someone whose absence is not exposed.

Remember Last Year

This is a game that is only applicable if you have a party every year. You just write out a questionnaire, print pictures of last year and distribute it among the guests. You will be surprised how many people can recall exactly who was dressed up in what costume.

What’s In the Jar

Get an empty jar from a store, and fill that jar with different types of candies. Have a sheet of paper for guests to enter their guesses. The person to guess the right candy will be awarded with the similar candy that is in the jar.

Graveyard Hunt

Decorate your backyard to resemble a scary graveyard or just add lots of scary things. Hide prizes and treats amongst the plants and decorations and let the guests go on a graveyard hunt. This game will really make the guest feel amusing and appreciating. To get the Halloween Party and decorating supplies in low price you can go with Halloween Coupons and avail the best deals and discounts.


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