Halloween Safety Tips for Kids

Halloween is time for fun and treat but when there are kids in the party you must take special care to them. There are more injuries to kids on Halloween evening as compared to any other evening. Falls are the most common type of injury among children on Halloween. These injuries can be prevented if parents closely supervise their children when they are playing Halloween games. Following are the tips that parents must follow for the safety of their kids.

  • Children should only go to those homes that are well-lit and should avoid dark places.
  • They must not allow going alone and should travel in small groups accompanied by an adult.
  • Kids must know their telephone numbers and have coins to make call in case of any emergency.
  • Children should bring treats home rather than eating them at the spot, this will give parents a chance to inspect the treats.
  • Parents should keep safety features in mind when buying costumes for their kids.
  • When kids are playing trick-or-treating, parents should make sure that kids have designed a map and they must follow the map.
  • Kids should not enter into any home; they can get the candies while staying outside the home.
  • Dress your kid in a bright costume that will make them visible and also make sure that the costumes are flame retardant.
  • Use face paint instead of mask so that your kid could see well.
  • Instruct you kids not to go anywhere with strangers.
  • Makes sure that your kid costume is not too long because they can trip easily.

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