How to Buy Cheap Office Supplies

The cost of office supplies may seem small as compared to other business expenses, such as travel and inventory. But the truth is that small changes made to the way you buy office supplies can really add up to huge savings. Whether you have your own business or you want to save money for your employer, these tips can really help you in tracking down cheap office supplies.

  1. The greatest way to save money on office supplies is by keeping track of the supplies that you already have. This way you can make sure they are not wasted, stolen or lost. You should put someone in charge of distributing and tracking all the supplies in your office, such as office manager or an administrator.
  2. Open a corporate account with a trusted stationary supplier. Big stationary chains offer incentives and corporate discounts to companies that maintain a corporate account.
  3. Don’t forget to explore second-hand products stores. Sometimes they have a great collection of economical odd and ends for offices including binders, folders and filing cabinets.
  4. Make an estimate of your monthly usage of every item and maintain your inventory levels on the basis of this usage. This will also help you a lot in setting your budget.
  5. Lastly, there are many online stores offering office supplies that are well reputed. These stores provide their customers with various discounts and coupons. With Staples Promotion Code you can easily get any type of office supplies you need at excellent discounted prices.


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