How To Choose Best Compact Digital Camera?

Buying a digital camera can be a hectic task if you are not sure of what features should be look for when buying a compact digital camera. These are simple point ad shoot camera which are cost less than digital SLR cameras and if you want to save more money, try using Best Buy promo code. There are some basic features that you should consider when buying a digital camera.

A Good Quality Lens and Resolution:

This is the most important thing to consider when you are planning to get a compact digital camera. Carl Zeiss, A Leica and other lenses are considered very good lenses. They let you take excellent pictures. The resolution of lenses is also very important. Normally a camera with 6MP of resolution is good unless you want to take portrait size image for that a 10MP camera will be suitable.

Optical Zoom For Taking Picture At Long Distance:

You would have to make a choice between auto optical zoom and manual optical zoom. For a beginner auto optical zoom is best while professionals can have the one with manual optical zoom. A camera with 5x optical zoom is the least you would like to have. It would let you take picture from long distances.

Battery time and storage device:

You would love to have a digital camera with long battery life. Nowadays, Lithium Ion batteries are being used in cameras which are much better and cheaper option. You can easily charge them with the electric charger. To be on the safer side you should have a spare battery. The digital cameras come with Flash or SD Cards to store images and you can choose the size depending upon your use. A4 GB memory card is enough for normal use. With Best Buy coupons code, you can buy a wide collection of digital cameras at affordable price.

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