How to Choose Right Sized Screen for Laptop

Laptops come in different screen sizes, resolutions and backlights and fall in two main sizes that are 15.6’’ and 17’’. It comes in with LCD that uses active matrix technology or LED that is brighter and has brighter contrast.

Laptops with larger screen are more comfortable for daily use but will drain the battery faster after heavy use. Whereas small laptops are best for frequent travellers who want to use it for longer period without charging battery. Here are simple tips for selecting a screen of a laptop according to your comfort and use

Screen size is measured diagonally from one corner to another. The size of the screen can bring a huge difference in the portability of laptop. Even if the weight of the laptop is 10lbs, it can add up with other peripherals, which according to Stanford University can injure your shoulder while carrying. Before buying a laptop, make sure that the size of the screen is according to your requirements.

Screen resolution is measured in pixels and sharper or clearer image is produced on a higher resolution screen. Higher screen resolution can accommodate longer viewing distance than smaller one. You don’t need to sit close to the screen that has higher resolution display.

Bigger screen consumes more power which affects the battery life and energy consumption. Usually 17 inches screen comprises three hours of maximum battery life whereas 15 inch screen can last longer for more than 4 hours. If you don’t get enough time to charge your laptop, you must go for the smaller screen display.


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