How to Choose Your Walking Shoes

Whether people walk for fitness or fun, it’s crucial to find the right shoe. If you’re in search of a shoe that will keep your feet dry and warm while decreasing harmful effect on your bones and joints, choose a walking shoe that is precisely designed to carry on with your activities. Here are some steps you need to consider in order to choose well-fitting walking shoes:

  • Select the shoe according to your precise foot type. The toe box demands a thumb’s width, about 1/2 inch, at the end of the shoe and your toes, and your toes must have ample room to move lacking any constraint.
  • Select a shoe based on your arch type. People usually have regular arches, low arches or high arches.  If you don’t know what form of arches you have, wet your foot and walk over a piece of cardboard. A full footmark shows low arches and a very slight footmark shows a high arch.
  • Next you need to consider shoe construction while selecting a walking shoe. Try to choose a low, a flexible sole, supportive heal that bevels inward, a more flexible toe than for a running shoe.
  • Wear your shoes inside the house before you start walking outdoor. This safety step of trying your shoes inside your home decreases the chances of buying an uncomfortable walking shoe.
  • Replace your worn-out walking shoes. These shoes could be comfortable, but have lost the capacity to provide adequate support.

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