How to Curb Your Shopping Urges

Shopping without any plan and spending carelessly is a common practice among men and women. On average, an American family is carrying almost $10k in debt and one of the main reason is impulse shopping. Some people shop until their credit cards runs out of the limit because they believe that shopping make them feel better.

Especially during holidays it is very difficult to restrict shopping and people try to overcome stress, anxiety, depression and loneliness by doing shopping. Here are some steps that can help you stay in your limits and restrict yourself from spending uselessly.

  • It is very much common that people go out for shopping when they feel bored. If you don’t need to shop you must stay at home. Never use shopping as a pleasure activity.
  • If you are going to shop you must prepare a list of items that you want to shop. This can restrict you to only those items that you need and keeps you away from overspending.
  • Internet shopping is getting more popular nowadays. It also leads people to overspend. Try not to go online often and browse different stores to know what is new.
  • Taking a friend along with you can also stop you from overspending. Your friend can drag you along to another section when you are trying to waste your money on the item that you don’t even need.
  • Always pay by cash or debit card and never use credit card. Keep your credit card at home and use it for emergency purpose. Paying by cash or debit card helps you stay in your limit.


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One Response to “How to Curb Your Shopping Urges”

  1. James Says:

    Very helpful tips. I am also one of those people who buy uselessly while shopping. Next time I will try to follow your tips.