How to Decorate for a Halloween Party

Halloween is the day for a party that is enjoyed by both children and adults. If you are hosting a party at your home, decorating your home in a scary and fun way is essential in order to create creepy atmosphere. Halloween day is no doubt a special day on which everybody wants to enjoy the party but there must be something different at your home which makes the fun doubled. Here are some of the ideas to decorate perfect Halloween day party.


Use wide range of colors all around your home to provide creepy and scary look. Use different papers, lights and wall hangings with orange, white and black colors to give the perfect theme and touch of that day.

Decorate your party with all types of Halloween ideas such as broom of witch, jack o lantern, black cats, bats and ghosts with construction paper. Design your own banner with red, black and white paint splashed all over to make it creepy.

In order to create ghosts, bring helium filled balloons that can be covered with white cloth and eyes drawn on it. These types of balloons should be at the entrance of every room where one can be scared easily.

The lighting plays an important factor in order to create the theme and spooky atmosphere. Bring small bulbs of red color with a very dim light. In order to make it more attractive you can bring smoke machine which is not too expensive.

Play creepy music in the background with some horrific screams. Also you can play the video of any horror movie in the living room which will add fun to your party.


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