How to Plan a Labor Day Picnic

The Labor Day weekend conjure up images of beach parties and barbecues. However, a lot of people don’t have the chance to get through the whole planning required for such a job. If that’s your case, a picnic might be the solution. You can simply head to a local park, sit down near the river and make fun at a local playground or state park.

  • Don’t worry about the preparations. Make it easy on yourself by purchasing pre-made food or putting together simple drinks and snacks.
  • Select foods that will keep fresh for a long time once they’re out of the cooler, especially if the weather is hot that weekend.
  • Go for a park that provides picnic tables grills, and outdoor fires for making your own barbecue.
  • See if alcohol is allowable in the area. Lots of public parks do not let open alcohol containers, which might have impact on your drink selection.
  • Add some juicy watermelon to the menu. Watermelon has traditionally been a Labor Day essential.
  • Take along lawn games, like bocce ball or cricket, or simple doings, like a deck of cards, so everyone can find something to do.

If you want something special in games, plan your own fun by resorting to the classics, like an egg on spoon race.


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