How to Travel Smartly and Save Money On Vacations

Having fun on vacations can surely empty your pocket unless you plan it properly. Travelling is no doubt fun time that you spend with your family or friends. But after getting home you might find it difficult to take your hand out of pocket with some money. Proper planning can help you out to save money and have two to three trips a year instead of one. Here are some tips that can help you save money and travel smartly, no matter wherever you go.


  • Use travel search engines to find the best rates on flights and hotels. Some travel agents will help you get bundle offers in which you can save money.
  • Plan in advance and reserve the seat on airplane and a room in a hotel. Using Travelocity Promotions you can get huge discounts and save money on booking a room in hotel or reserving a seat on plane.
  • Spending vacations with friends can be helpful in saving the cost. Share the expenses equally among friends and reduce the cost of travelling and living.
  • Figure out restaurants where you can find delicious and traditional food at low cost. It is not only good for your pocket but also for your stomach.
  • Ordering room service is always a blowout of money which can empty your pocket within few days. Consider having meals at local restaurants and purchase snacks and food items from local store.
  • Make sure you don’t carry extra-ordinary luggage as it will cost you extra especially at the airport for overweight. Keep only essential items such as clothing and accessories that you need the most.


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