Independence Day Decoration and Food Ideas

The 4th of July is all about parades, flags, fireworks and celebrations with friends and family. If you are planning a family barbecue or a party then 4th of July themed decorations and food items are a must. Here are a few decoration and food ideas that can help make your celebration a huge success without making a hole in your pocket.

You can start by decorating your sidewalk and lawn with flour stars. Just cut out a star from a large piece of cardboard and use the cut out as a template. Place the cardboard on the surface and inside the star shape you can spray glitter and other decorating material. Then lift the cardboard for an instant star. You can also use red, white and blue balloons, red and blue lights and homemade paper stars all over the house.

An Independence Day party is not complete without a patriotic table. Take some jars and fill them with layers of red, white and blue sand. After that, insert small American flags and other decorations in the jars for an amazing patriotic table decoration. You can also make a mat from a red, white or blue cloth. Beautify the mat with coordinating stars and stripes. Don’t forget to use red, white or blue tablecloth, flag themed plates and cups.

A flag cake is a wonderful and refreshing dessert on a 4th of July evenings. You can easily bake a cake at your home. Then decorate it like an American flag with square blue berries at the top left corner and red and white rows. For healthier snacks, design flag fruit kabobs made with bananas, blueberries and strawberries. You can also serve taco dip with red and blue tortilla chips or decorate mini sausages, cheese cubes and stuffed mushrooms with American flag toothpicks.

You can even give 4th of July look to beverages. Mix blue martini with vodka, bitters and blue liqueur or make red martini using vodka and club soda. You can serve red juices, frozen berries, lemon lime soda and apple juice for kids. Independence Day gives us an opportunity to spend some quality time with our family and friends. By planning smartly we can easily make this day memorable for a very long period.


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