Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day is almost here and if you are one of those people who completely forgot about this day until the last minute then you don’t have to worry. You can still do something really special for your partner. The trick here is to find something that looks as if you have spent plenty of time planning it. Here are some exciting last minute Valentine’s Day ideas for you.

Write Love Notes

You can start with writing several love notes for your beloved. This can easily be done on Valentine’s Day morning. Put them all around your house where they can be easily found. If your partner goes to work, put one in the car or briefcase. In case you don’t remember until afternoon, you can still send love notes through email or SMS.

Make a Photo Book

Go to an online store and make a special photo book. You can easily upload the pictures directly from your computer and design the book. It will hardly take less than 30 minutes, and you can get the photo book in an hour. This is also a great way to express your love to your partner.

Stop By a Departmental Store

While coming home from work, stop at a departmental store. You may not have a lot of options to pick from, but you can still find a few items. Select a nice card, a bouquet of beautiful roses and a box of delicious chocolates. You can also go with a small stuffed animal, a stylish vase or different types of candy. Make sure you take the price tags off the items.

Setup a Romantic Dinner

Almost every restaurant gets filled up early on Valentine’s Day. But, you can still have a romantic dinner with your sweetheart. Just pick up the food from a restaurant and a bottle of wine. Set out a nice-looking tablecloth, some candles and dishes. Serve the food in the dishes and sit down to enjoy a yummy meal with your partner.


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