Latest Halloween Costumes

People are celebrating Halloween for centuries but each year they celebrate it in a different way. Each year they try to do new things to make their Halloween party different from their last Halloween party, whether it is their costumes or party decorations style, there must be something new to it.

Costumes trends:

Every year people take inspiration from popular movies for their Halloween costumes and retailers prepare such costumes well in advance to offer the public precisely what they want. This year will be no exception. Top movies released this year are

  • Alice In Wonderland
  • Clash of the Titans
  • Avatar
  • Ironman 2
  • Harry Potter
  • Twilight
  • Toy Story 3
  • Nightmare on Elm Street

These movies will be going to have a big influence of this year’s Halloween costume. Alice in a wonderland 2010 is an adventure story of a 19-year-old Alice who has returned to fulfill her destiny and free Wonderland from the evil clutches of the Queen of Hearts. The film shows diversified characters which have the making of great Halloween costumes. Buy these costumes with BuyCostumes Coupons.

Clash of titans is an action film about the war between Greek gods. Most of the characters in the film are dressed up as soldiers. Costumes inspired by this movie will give unique touch to this year’s Halloween parties.

Avatar is a science fiction film. The film’s shows extraterrestrial beings-Na’vi, who is native to Pandora. It also shows genetically engineered Na’vi-human hybrid bodies used by a team of researchers to interact with the natives of Pandora. Films characters are great inspiration to masks and costumes for Halloween.

Nightmare on Elm Street is a story of a teenager who will be killed if they fell asleep. The film has scary characters and provides great inspirations to Halloween costumes.


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