Perfect New Year Eve Dress for Women

Dressing up for New Year’s Eve with dazzling dress can give you a stunning look worthy of a midnight kiss or two. It depends on individual person to decide what suits on their body type. Mention in the following is nothing more than suggestion, to help you finding a dress that makes you eye- catching. Because in the end, it’s up to you to decide what suits you best.

Pear-Shaped Figure:

Hips differentiate pear-shaped women from other body type women. Low hip dresses make thighs look out of proportion to the upper body, so don’t wear a dress that attracts extra attention to your hips, such as jackets or blouses that sit on the waist. Make your bust the centre of an occasion with fitted tops that hang freely below the waist. Soft flowing skirts make your body look smoother. Wrap style and empire waist gowns also look great. A hanging bag attracts more attention to your upper part.

Hourglass Figure:

Women with hourglass figures have full hips and bust along with a small waistline. Show off your curves wearing fashions that glide your body, and are not too loose and not too tight. Compliment your body shape and make it more attractive and noticeable. You can use accessories such as tops that tie at the waist and belts. Most of the designs and fashions are produced for this body type so it’s important to choose the outfit that makes you comfortable.

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