Stylish Ways to Wear Scarves

Looking good isn’t just about wearing the right tops, bottoms and shoes. Trendy accessories also play a very important role in achieving a perfect look. An important accessory to complement your looks for any season is an accent scarf. A beautifully wrapped scarf can add a cool touch to your look. If you know a few elegant ways to wear them, the versatility they provide is priceless.

The Basic Wrap

This amazing way of wearing a scarf works every time. You just have to place the scarf around your neck so that the tails are hanging over your shoulders and behind your back. Wrap the right tail over your left shoulder and the left tail over your right shoulder.

Skinny Scarf

A long and skinny scarf can give a great look to a basic top in a neutral or dark color. Since a skinny scarf is used to add color and not for warmth, you should wrap it around your neck from back to front and let the tails droop loose. Wear a trendy little jacket and you’re good to go.

Square Scarf Wrap

Square scarves are very popular nowadays especially on the streets of big cities. You just have to fold a square scarf in half so it looks like a triangle. Then you have to wrap it around the neck from front to back so the tip of the triangle is pointing down alongside your chest. The tails of the scarf will be hanging at your back; wrap the right one around your left shoulder and the left one around your right shoulder. Amazon Promo Code let you shop for them at discounts.

Loop It

The best way to wear a scarf in winter is to make a loop around the neck and drag the tails through. You just have to fold the scarf in half to make a loop at one end. Wrap it around your neck from back to front. Pull the tails gently through the loop until the scarf is comfy. If you want to save money on getting trendy scarves go with Coupon Code and find deals and discounts.


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