Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas

Food is a vital part of any event. We can’t think of celebrating any event without putting some thought on special foods for that event. Thanksgiving also has a rich history of special foods. An essential aspect of Thanksgiving is the Thanksgiving dinner. It is a feast in the honor of god for the food that he provides throughout the year. You can shop for food with grocery coupons and Caviar Coupons. Here is a delectable Thanksgiving recipe for you.

Thanksgiving Turkey:

This is very simple and delicious recipe. You need a turkey, oven bag, flour, stalks celery, onion and Vegetable oil. First of all preheat oven at 350 F. Next place roasting pan into oven bag, you can use nonstick spray in the oven bag to reduce stickiness if you like. Take out giblets and neck from turkey, wash turkey and let it dry. Stuff turkey with your favorite stuffing recipe. Brush vegetable oil on turkey and place it in oven bag on top of vegetables. Close oven bag and cut six half-inch slits in top. Now insert meat thermometer into thickest part of inner thigh, it should not be touching bone. Insert ends of bag in pan. Bake it until thermometer show temperature of 180 F; it will take almost 2 hours for 12lb turkey. There we go the mouth watering turkey is ready to be served, garnish it according your taste and enjoy it with your friends and family.

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