Thanksgiving party games ideas

Thanksgiving is a time that brings people together. These people can be your friends, relatives or someone special in your life. Playing different games on Thanksgiving can really help break down all the barriers and can help people get to know each other in a better way. Following are a few games that you can play on Thanksgiving.


In order to keep party guests entertained you can play the game of charades. Split the guests into two teams and choose a category for example movies. One of the players must act out a movie name and the other team members must guess it within one minute. The team that correctly answers the most wins.

Word Game

This is also a very interesting game. Take several sheets of paper and write the word “Thanksgiving” on top of them. After that, give one paper to each player. Every player has to write as many words as he or she can by using the letters from the word “Thanksgiving” within two minutes. The player who writes the most words in that time wins the game.

Hunt the Turkey

Buy plastic turkeys in small size from a party supply store. Hide them all around the party area and give every player a small bag. After the game starts, every player has to find as many turkeys as he or she can and put them in their bags. The person who can find the most turkeys in five minutes wins this game.


For many people Thanksgiving and football go hand-in-hand. Ask everyone to step outside for a spontaneous game of tag football. Divide the guests in two teams. You can play men vs. women, or pick two captains and they can decide the teams. This game can also be great fun to play on Thanksgiving.


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