The moment I felt the need of Digital Camera

A visit to hill station last summer was my greatest experience to view nature so close to my eyes. Huge mountains, sky high trees, beautiful waterfall and wildlife had given me inspiring moments. Although I had a digital camera from early 90’s that captured pictures with reasonable quality, but I couldn’t have a look before the pictures were developed.

I felt the need to have a digital camera when a man standing right before me was taking pictures of beautiful natural scenes. He took several shots of the same scene and after having a view on the LCD display he discarded off the pictures of low quality and rest was kept saved.

I asked him to show me some of his pictures. When I viewed the pictures I was like WOW! “What great quality of pictures you have taken”. I asked the man to guide me on buying such a good quality camera. He replied “you can easily get it from an online store. There is variety of cameras available and you can easily get one with high megapixels at economical price”.

After returning home, the next day I browsed through different online stores. A variety of cameras were available at different stores. I read the reviews and specs and came across many cameras with latest features within my limited budget.

After reviewing several digital cameras, I decided to purchase a digital camera at discount with Canon Coupons which had a good customer’s feedback about its performance and picture quality. I placed an order immediately and within few days my camera was delivered. After taking several shots with this camera I realized what I was missing before.


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