The Thanksgiving Day Shopping Controversy

The Thanksgiving Day Shopping ControversyWe are not picking sides here and we aren’t going to either. We are simply wondering what your thoughts are on the controversy about how some stores are opening on Thanksgiving Day.

In case you haven’t heard, many stores have opted to NOT wait until the Friday after Thanksgiving to start their Black Friday Coupons. Instead, they will be opening on Thanksgiving Day! In the past few years, select stores began opening at midnight after Thanksgiving and last year a couple even dared to open after dinner time at about eight or nine o’clock. This year, however, all caution is being thrown to the wind as some stores have reported that they will be open on Thanksgiving DAY. Yes, you read that right, some stores will be open all day on Thanksgiving Day Coupons so shoppers can get a head start on the Black Friday sales before they even pop the turkey in the oven. To top it off, a few of those stores will even remain open all night long through Black Friday until the close of business on Friday night. What do you think about that?

Here are some points we have heard against stores opening on Thanksgiving Day:

  • It should be, and remain, a HOLIDAY – meaning a day off for the store employees.
  • It forces store employees to miss their family dinners because they have to go to work.
  • It will cause some sale-hungry shoppers to leave early, arrive late, or maybe even skip their family meals so they can get the hot items early and get the best deals.
  • It takes away from the meaning of Thanksgiving.
  • It is a day to be thankful for, not to be greedy about sales and buying new things.

Here are some points we have heard in favor of (or neutral about) stores opening on Thanksgiving Day:

  • Supply and demand – stores would not open if people did not want to shop.
  • The employees get paid overtime/double.
  • Many stores likely ask for volunteers to work before “forcing” anyone to work that does not want to.
  • Some stores may offer extra bonuses to anyone that works on the holiday.
  • To some people, their work family IS their family.
  • Not EVERYONE is off on Holidays, it’s just not possible. Think about the police, hospital employees, firemen, etc.

Again, we are not saying that we agree or disagree with any of this, we are simply reporting on what people are saying. And NOW we want to hear from YOU. What do YOU think about the decision of some stores to open on Thanksgiving Day? How did you feel when stores started opening on the night of Thanksgiving in the past? Do you think it is unacceptable or do you think it is a “to each his own” sort of situation? Tell us your thoughts.


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