Things to Know Before Buying Blu-Ray Player

Blu-ray is the best option available to movie fans who want to watch high definition video content on an HDTV. These players have quickly replaced DVD’s because this format allows much more information to be stored on a disc than a DVD. With so many options available for Blu Ray Disc Player, it becomes very difficult to choose the right one. If you want to buy a blu ray player, you must look for the following things before making final purchase.


WiFi: Most blu ray players have WiFi adapters built into them which make it easier for you to watch and stream movies on the internet. This will also help you watch free movies online instead of buying expensive DVDs.

IPhone/Android Control: You probably get frustrated when the remote is lost but now these players can be controlled through your smartphone. This cool feature is a must in your disc player, which enables you to control your player without any annoyance.

Internet Apps: Every player that has the capability of connecting to the internet must have apps. The most common are Youtube, Vudu and Pandora. You need to be careful when buying one because only fewer models support these apps.

3D: If your TV is compatible to play 3D movies, you must go for player marked with 3D. In case you don’t have 3D television and are thinking of buying it in future, you must go for blu-ray player with 3D option.

HDMI Inputs: For some people, HDMI input is an important option and is only found in high end blu ray players. Some of the players will help you connect your smartphone or tablet to view videos that you have recorded on phone or tablet.

Save Money: So many features available in blu-ray disc player make it really pricey and out of budget. But if you go with Best Buy Discount Code you can save a lot of money by getting deals and discounts.


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