Tips to Organize Valentine’s Day Themes Party

The day of love is almost here. For some it’s just like any other day but for lover it’s the most special day of the year. It’s a day to acknowledge the martyrdom of St. Valentine by celebrating love on that day. A great way to celebrate love is by throwing a Valentine’s Day theme party. But the theme of the party should be unique and romantic. Here are some Valentine’s Day party themes that can make your Valentine’s Day party a one to remember for a long time;

  • Red color is considered as the “official” color of love so it can be a wonderful idea to make it your Valentine’s Day party theme.
  • Decorate the party hall in red with lots of red heart-shaped balloons, red light bulbs, scented candles, confetti and red ribbons etc.
  • Hang some red heart-shaped balloons on the ceiling. Tie some of them using a red ribbon with love quotes written on it.
  • Greet you guests with red roses or at least with red rose petals and offer them some heart shaped candies wrapped in red and white gift wrap.
  • The food of the party should also convey the feeling of love. You can have red velvet cake, pizzas filled with ketchup and jello jigglers, strawberry punch and lots of beverages.
  • The dresses of the guests should show the feeling of love and for that you can ask males to dress up in black and ladies to dress up in red or maroon.
  • Don’t forget to include party games such as red beads, heart poppers to make the party more fun and excited for the guests.

It can get expensive to organize a Valentine’s Day party but there is a way to throw a great Valentine’s Day party within reasonable amount of money. Shopping online with merchants like Party City Coupons can help you save big chunk of money.


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