Tips To Spot a Quality Handbag

Low-quality handbags are available everywhere, and some of them are so great that they only cost a few hundred dollars less than designer handbags. Sometimes, even the designers themselves have trouble identifying the difference. But you don’t have to worry anymore because with the following tips you can easily recognize a top quality handbag.

  • First of all, examine the handbag seems to check if the fabric pattern meets up correctly. A good quality handbag with continuity at the seams requires a lot of material, and that’s why it costs a lot. This is the easiest way to spot any fake or low-quality handbag.
  • Carefully observe the stitching of the handbag. Top quality handbags are stitched by hand, and their stitches will not be as organized as machine stitches.
  • You can also verify the label inside the handbag. Good quality handbags usually have a tag stating that they are genuine. Make sure you closely inspect the label and also check if the bag has a lining.
  • The most important things to check are the leather or fabric, buckles, zippers, snaps, and hooks. Ensure that they are of good quality and function properly. For zippers, check that they slide smoothly and the buckles should not have scratches.
  • In order to spot a good handbag, you can use the three P’s, “Place, Price, and Packaging.” The best place to find good quality handbags is a reputable online store such as Overstock. Here you can find the best collection of handbags with great discounts by using Overstock promo code available online.


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