Top 3 Books worth Reading

Reading is a passion for a lot of people. Despite the fact that I’m fully in favor of the free content available online, I do think that I’m more likely to be committed to in-depth reading at the time I’ve paid for a book. Do you buy books and leave them unread on a shelf for months, even years? Well, here I will tell you about some books that you would surely love to read again and again.

One book that you must read is new science fiction book, Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. I’m sure if you’re a geek, you’ve even now read this. It is precisely intended to appeal to geeks, mainly the adults of ’80s, as it is riddled with pop-culture references of that time. This book has perfectly caught the mood of those ’80s movies he continually discussed like Goonies, War Games, etc.

Next is a classic one, the Greg Bear‘s The Forge of God. This is the first Bear book I’ve ever read. It had many elements that I love like the first contact with aliens, apocalyptic event and high-fluting’ theories about the nature of realization and the universe. It was likewise an emotionally pulling story.

My son is now old enough to listen to longer books, so on car trips, we use to listen the audio versions of two childhood masterpieces: Stuart Little by E.B. White and James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl. This is among the best parts of parenting to get return to favorite books from my own childhood. You can buy these offerings at discounts using Amazon Coupons.


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