Top 4 games for PS3 2012

I’m just like you, always in search of good games to play on my PS3. After a thorough research, I’ve come up with top 4 PS3 games for 2012. These games are one of the most anticipated titles for the PlayStation 3 console, and I am just as excited as any gamer out there to get my hands on them. Below are 4 of what I believe will be the top PS3 games for 2012.

Final Fantasy XIII-2

This is a sequel to Final Fantasy XIII and looks to make right everything that was wrong with its precursor. This should appease all the gamers who were unhappy with the first title. This game is launched after three years of its first part but this time, it promises to bring improved RPG and exploration elements for the fans.

Twisted Metal

This is one of the most anticipated games and definitely deserves to be on everyone’s list of top PS3 games for 2012. The fans were a bit disappointed when its scheduled release for 2011 didn’t push through, but now it’s finally going to be released. This game is expected to have an amazing comeback with new characters, new vehicles and new weapons.

Hitman: Absolution

The first two “Hitman” titles are considered as highlights in the growth of stealth-action games. However, the next two titles seemed more like spin-offs rather than sequels. I believe that this game deserves a place in the list of top PS3 games for 2012, because it is expected to bring back the franchise to its past glory. Fans can look forward to better gameplay and better visuals.

Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 2 sold over two million copies in the first two weeks after its release and also got a bunch of awards. Many gaming publications gave it the perfect score and it was considered as the best game for 2010. But now all that you loved about Mass Effect 2 is here, with advanced movements, plus instant kills and a 4-player multiplayer mode. Its high reputation and delicately-tuned gameplay makes it a perfect contender for the top PS3 games for 2012 from MacMall Coupons.


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