Top 7 Back To School Fashion Trends For College Girls

The first day of school is coming. You have your backpack, pens, and notebooks ready, but what about your dresses? Is your fall wardrobe ready? Girls are usually more concerned and excited about back to school shopping. Here are some exciting and inspirational fashion trends for the college girls.

  • Like the previous year, military-inspired trends and styles are greatly popular and liked by the college girls.
  • Army jackets, skinny cargo pants and capris with the lace-up boots are great choices in this regards. Look for olive green, navy and cream colors in these dresses.
  • Leather or faux jacket and coat, miniskirts, blouses, shorts, and gloves are also inspiring trends for the college girls these days. They are great choices for the fall due to their classic elegance and style.
  • Modest-styled blouses with long sleeves and button up collars are also a popular trend in top for the college girls. It is, in a way, a revival of the past trend by going back towards the modesty in the dresses which are given at Amazon discount code.
  • Another hot fall trend is the loud and colorful geometric print in the fall collection. Most designers are following this trend this season. These bold prints look elegant and trendy. College girls can adopt this trend stylishly and confidently.
  • Hosiery is also becoming great obsession for the college girl these days. Wooly socks and tights with skirts look very stylish. Black and gray are the most common colors. They can be availed on discounts with the use of DHgate Promo Code.
  • Foxy fur boots are also becoming popular among the college girls as a back to school trend. These stylish, cozy and comfortable boots come in different styles and designs.

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