Top Spring Break 2011 Destinations

Spring break is a wonderful time for students. Many college students plan a getaway during this time period that promises to be very enjoyable. College students fly or drive to various major spring break destinations to make the most of a vacation. Where do you plan to go for spring break 2011? Are you searching for the hottest places for this spring break? Here are some of the most popular spring break destinations that are sure to provide you with lot of entertainment and enjoyment.


Cancun is still the most proffered destination for spring break. This tiny part of Mexico is a calm place for most of the year but turns to pure craziness during March and April. Large folks of college students enjoy themselves by partying and spring stuff on the magnificent beaches and nightclubs. Enjoy the sandy beaches of Cozumel and take your bus to the Playa del Carmen to enjoy the fun at coastal paradise. Xel-Ha is another great place for those who love snorkeling.


Acapulco is another great beach site where you can do lot of spring stuff. This is a safe place if you follow the travel safety tips. You can find wide range of great hotels that will make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. Acapulco is gifted with amazing natural beauty and cliffs. By using Travel Promo code, you can save a lot of money on your hotel and travel cost.

Bahamas and Jamaica:

Caribbean is one of the favorite tourist’s destinations especially during spring break. The Island of Bahamas is known for its blue water, white sand. You can have an amazing cruise life there. Jamaica is a sunny place full of water fun. You enjoy water sports fun at quieter Negril and Montego Bay. With Online Coupon Search, you can get lots of online coupons and promo codes that can save you lot of money.

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