Twilight Costumes Best for Halloween

Halloween means that you have to change your look and become a part of the dead souls. Everyone can become anyone on this moment. I also love to be a vampire just like the twilight movie characters. That’s why, this time I choose to get a costume that has the theme of twilight. I am also thinking about throwing a party at my home, which should have a theme of Halloween.

For the Halloween, I mostly do online shopping and used Halloween Coupons. I will invite my friends at my home and will celebrate a twilight-night with them. We all will regenerate the feeling of vampires at the Halloween night. I am sure I will see many Edward and Bella in my home soon. Many of my friends will become werewolves at that night. I hope everyone will love this theme and will dress up just like the Twilight characters.

As there are, four parts of this movie available in the market, we all will get different ideas about the costumes. Every part has a story, which is linked with the previous one and adds new characters with different costumes.

In the first part, the costumes are simple, so you will find dark color clothes, which Edward wore. As this series is going to the next level, characters are growing and their costumes are changing. In the second part, I can have werewolf outfit or can become the part of the Cullen family. In 3rd venture of Twilight as we are seeing the addition of Volturi in the movie so I would suggest some of my friends to have it too.


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