Valentine Banquet Themes

Are you planning to throw a Valentine’s Day banquet party? If yes! Then Valentine banquet themes are the first thing that you should be planning. A great valentine banquet ensures that the guests have a great time on Valentine’s Day. Valentine banquet themes can spice up the fun of Valentine day banquet. There are variety of theme for you to choose from that can ensure that the guests have a great time.

Themes such as balloons, gifting and candlelight are tired and tested themes and could get repetitive. This year, try to do something that you never did before, such as a movie theme! A love story theme or a romantic movie theme can do wonders. Request all of your guests to dress up in a theme of their most favorite romantic movie.

For instance, if Titanic is your favorite movie then you can place a miniature ship in the centre of the hall, play the images of the movie on a giant LCD Screen and place the movie banners on different parts of the hall. You can also place titanic ship structure as a centerpiece on each table.

The Hawaiian theme can be another exotic theme that you can try. Get some grass skirts for ladies, provide each lady with a silk hibiscus flower and welcome all the guests by putting lei across their neck. Hawaiian theme is imperfect without tropical drinks, fresh tropical fruits a typical topic set up. This theme is a guaranteed success if you can arrange it on a beach. There are also other themes that you can try out like, the casino theme, the vintage theme, the outdoor garden theme.

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