What to Get a Guy for Valentine’s Day

What to Get a Guy for Valentines DayGuys have it easy when shopping for a girl for a Valentine’s Day gift – flowers, candy, perfume, jewelry are all safe bets to be a winner every time. But let’s face it; for girls, Valentine’s Day shopping can be a PAIN! Guys are definitely hard to buy for when it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts! Instead of spending hours upon hours shopping around online to find great gift ideas on your own, we have a list of a few winners right here for you! So…if you don’t know what to get your guy for Valentine’s Day…look no further than this:

  • Beer Flavored Jelly Beans by Jelly Belly – no explanation necessary. These are a brand new flavor this year, by the way.
  • A Beer Bouquet – Yep, a beer bouquet. It looks like a bouquet of flowers with the greenery and a vase or basket, but instead of flowers there are bottles of your man’s favorite beer!
  • Tickets to an Event – Find out if your sweetheart’s favorite band or comedian is coming to town and gets him tickets to a show. This works for any kind of show you know he would want to see, we’re just going with the safe bet of music or comedy for most guys with our suggestion.
  • Car Detailing Gift Certificate – Hit the local car detailing shop and pick up a gift certificate level of service that you think would suit your darling and his car (most car detailing places have various detailing packages you can get ranging from less expensive exterior cleaning to a whole shebang of deep cleaning for the interior and exterior.
  • Gift Certificate to a Barbershop and Men’s Spa – Yes, ladies, there are salons and spas just for men! Do a quick search for one in your area by using words like “men’s salon ” or “specialty barber shop .” Men’s salons, spas, and specialty barber shops offer a wide array of services from a simple haircut to a formal shave with a straight razor to massages, nail services, waxing, and facials just like a women’s spa, but in one that is just for men.
  • A Manly Bouquet – you read about the beer bouquet up above, a manly bouquet is just the same but instead of beer you replace the beer with whatever you think your man may like, gift cards to his favorite coffee shop or quick lunch spot, his favorite candies, photos of you that he particularly likes, or a combination of whatever you want that you know he will like.
  • Boudoir Photos – Having boudoir photo shoots done and make into prints or a calendar for your man is all the rage the past few years. Just find a photographer in your area that advertised boudoir photos and you can expect to go to their studio (or they may come to you) and they will likely even have your hair and makeup done so all you have to do if pick out a few racy “outfits” (or maybe nothing at all!) to wear in your seductive photo session. Then you pick out which photos you want and have them turned into whatever you want to give your baby. This is a gift he is SURE to love!

What manly gift giving ideas do you have for giving a guy a Valentine’s Day present?

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